144 Month /12 Year Inspections

144 Month /12 Year Inspections

144M inspections are sometimes viewed as the end of life of an AS350 or a cost that out weighs the value of the aircraft. In many ways this would be case for aircraft that have been in high humidity corrosive environments, UV exposure, or just age. We have reviewed and completed many 144M inspections from some of the most extremes edges of the spectrum.  Areas that you will have to consider on any machine approaching this inspection.


1. Year of manufacture

2. Environment of Operation for the last 12 to 24 years.

3. Maintenance status of the aircraft

Once you determine the above items, we can provide you with a comprehensive review of your 144M Inspection. These option will vary from the basic 144M "in and out", to as involved as an airframe upgrade. Airframe upgrades can be the most cost effective and time conscious solution, as it could mean a fly in with a BA and fly out with a newly refurbished B2 containing your previous drivetrain. You can even keep your leftover airframe and use it as a spare to swap through your fleet as a new "prebuilt" aircraft. Benefits of this program include reduced down time, higher quality completion, potential for a payment program, and upgrade or customization as needed.

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