GPS Asset Track Service Plans


Reports worldwide

A GPS tracker is only as useful as where it can report from.  The Asset Tracker 3 is a 3G tracker with a global SIM card with roaming enabled to all these countries and more.  There is no up-charge or configuration change needed to make use of it globally.

Even in locations where it’s hard to get a GPS signal (e.g. inside concrete buildings), the Asset Tracker 3 will still report nearby cell towers and Wifi access points which will give rough estimates of its true location.

Once Service Plan is purchased you will be sent a welcome email with username and password.

Base service pricing

The service plans for these trackers are

  • 1 month – $17.95
  • 3 months – $50.08 (savings of 7%)
  • 6 months – $91.55 (savings of 15%)
  • 12 months – $161.55 (savings of 25%)