Main Gearbox 350A32-0300-05 TSO: 3100.5 Hrs

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Original Price $120,000.00
Current Price $55,000.00

Main Gearbox Assembly 350A32-0300-05 TSO: 3,100.5 Hrs

MGB INCLUDES Rotorbrake and Oil Pump

Potential to Run 4200.00 Hrs as per MSM(B2), has run synthetic oil since Overhaul

With MGB Filter Kit Mod

077162 MGB oil filtering capacity increased.

Filtering cartridge replaced on MGB filter which is fitted with a valve calibrated to the calculated value, volume reduced and weight decreased by 300 g compared to the CHAMPION filter - MGB oil filtering capacity increased from 80 to 20µ. - Increased flow for harmonization of identical cartridges on EC120-350-355.


If you need the additional kit, please choose the option

- EASA Dual Release Form 1

- Install Kit Included

- Bluebox option crate available