AS350FX2 Future Build - Fall/Winter 2021 Delivery

AS350FX2 Future Build - Fall/Winter 2021 Delivery

What is the FX Kit?

The FX2 is the big sibling of the FX1, designed for heavy loads and superior performance in hot and high conditions. A favourite in the mining, forestry and oil & gas sectors, it incorporates the same airframe and electrical improvements as the FX1 and mates them with a superb engine in the LTS101-700D-2. The FX2 has the same internal and external gross weights as the AS350 B2, however the Honeywell-powered FX2 delivers additional upside.

The 700D-2 shares many of the 600A-3A’s characteristics, including low maintenance costs and comprehensive support. Coupled with the FX2 platform, it offers better operational margins and lifting capacity than the B2 as both altitude and temperature increase, as shown in the HIGE and HOGE charts. The wide-chord tail rotor, tail boom strake and improved accumulator are designed specifically to complement the 700D-2 in these conditions, giving the pilot a large boost in tail rotor authority at low speed and at gross weight. In addition, the FX2 burns close to 10% less fuel than the B2, not quite the economy of the FX1 but a healthy competitive advantage nonetheless.

The question often arises as to how the FX2 differs from Soloy’s SD2 kit. The FX2 conversion is a comprehensive modification available for multiple AStar platforms, whereas the SD2 is a straight engine switch from Arriel 1D1 to 700D-2, and only available for the B2 platform.
As a result of these improvements, the FX2 is perfectly suited for drill moves, seismic exploration, and forest fires. The benefits are readily apparent, as the Alberta government has shown by awarding the FX2 a higher rate than the B2.


Delivered to As New condition. Warranties Included. 25-30% below OEM New Price. New Engine Option. Lighter than Factory New. Built to exactly the customers spec. Nothing will be in the helicopter that is not required.

The multipurpose, single-engine AS350 B2, powered by a 732 shp (546 kW) Safran Arriel 1D1 engine, has an outstanding proven track record. Its flexibility and low acquisition cost have made it a very sought-after helicopter capable of performing a wide range of missions including; passenger transportation, aerial work, training, observation, firefighting and law enforcement, among others. With its spacious and comfortable cabin accommodating one pilot plus up to 6 passengers, the AS350 B2 is especially appreciated for its passenger transportation capabilities for VIP missions, tourist flights and public service tasks.


Options, options, and options

Safran Helicopter Engines Warrantied Used, New, or TSO 0.0 1D1 Engine. Considerations provided for each operators utilization.

A custom delivery of a newly spec’d AS350B2 helicopter provides a much lower empty weight than the current factory equipped helicopters. We offer complete flexibility on the optional equipment and avionics installed. No unused or extra equipment installed that is not per the customers request.

Equipment Options available at customer request:

• Normal or Sliding Doors
• Window options including tinted, bubble, comfort, or full vis glass doors
• Energy Attenuating Seats
• Auto Pilot
• High or Low Skid Gear. Short or Long Flight Steps
• Air Conditioning. Custom Interior and seating. 5 or 6 Pax
• LH Pilot Command
• STC equipment installations
• External Hook and remote systems
• Engine Inlet filter system
• Custom Avionics suite, Glass panels
• HUMS and flight data monitor
• Satellite and phone systems
• Video systems, 406 ELT, moving map GPS
• USB charging, forestry and govt compliant interface systems, etc.




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