Bluebox- New Generation of Helicopter Shipping

Turbolyft introduces a full customer support for the Airbus Helicopter AS350/355 and H125, providing the end user with the necessary parts, components, tools, and consumables in our distinct blue cases. The Bluebox allows the engineer and operator to quickly source components, consumables, and tools to carry out the task in one simple package. The Bluebox allows operators to reduce shipping cost, labour, receiving work load, and packing cost.
  • Our cases are watertight and dustproof with automatic ressure equilization valves to protect the contents even in the harshest enviroments
  • The components, parts, and tools are safely packaged in a military spec case with CNC cut closed cell foam that provides the ultimate protection for your investment
  • Not only will the pre-cut foam save time during packaging for shipment but having the components, parts, and/or tools all in one place will mean you can get the job done faster
  • GPS tracking is available to keep track of your equipment during logistic movements, giving you the ultimate piece of mind
  • Digital Accelerometer can be placed in the case to monitor the case during the shipping process