Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 1&2 Series Support

Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 1&2 Series Support

As the cost of Arriel engines increase, operators and owners are challenged to find unique solutions.

How can Turbolyft help?

  • Level 1 and 2 maintenance and repair support; 3600H Inspections on Module 2 and 4
  • Pre-purchase inspection of time continued engines
  • Estimate engine values
  • Determine best vendors for overhaul or repair
  • Incidents or accidents history review
  • Exchange and outright purchase of modules
  • Preservation
  • Tooling
  • Shipping support for modules and engines
  • Review of Fleet engine status
  • Acquisitions of engines and modules
  • Safran quote reviews
  • Arriel 1B retrofit to 1D1

Reach out to see what we can do for you today.

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