Introducing the Versatile Bluebox Case for Arriel & LTS 101 Engines: Cost-Efficient Shipping Solutions

Introducing the Versatile Bluebox Case for Arriel & LTS 101 Engines: Cost-Efficient Shipping Solutions

In the dynamic world of aviation, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Introducing the Bluebox Case, the latest innovation tailored for Arriel & LTS 101 engines, designed to revolutionize the shipping process while offering unmatched protection and versatility.

The Bluebox Advantage:

1. Cost Reduction for End Users

With the Bluebox Case, end users can now rejoice in streamlined operations and reduced costs. This innovative solution eliminates the need for multiple shipping cases, offering a standardized option that accommodates both Arriel and LTS 101 engines. By consolidating shipping resources, expenses are significantly reduced without compromising on quality or safety.

2. Superior Protection During Transit

Engine components are delicate and require meticulous care during transit. The Bluebox Case ensures optimal protection with its robust construction and innovative features:

  • OEM Elastomer mounts provide proper isolation and engine protection.
  • Molded-in, tongue-in-groove gasketed parting lines offer splash resistance and tight seals, ensuring components remain intact even after impact.
  • Reinforced corners, edges, and recessed hardware provide additional impact protection, safeguarding against potential damage.
  • Positive anti-shear locks prevent lid separation after impact, minimizing stress on hardware and ensuring secure containment.
  • Molded-in ribs and corrugations enhance stacking stability, columnar strength, and overall protection during handling.
  • Patented molded-in metal inserts provide strength and distribute loads evenly, enhancing the structural integrity of the case.
  • Meets and exceeds STANAG 4340 AEPP standards, guaranteeing compliance with rigorous industry requirements.

3. Versatility and Convenience

The Bluebox Case offers unparalleled versatility, allowing for seamless shipping of either Arriel or LTS 101 engines within the same crate. Engine stands for both types are included, with additional stands available upon request. This flexibility simplifies inventory management and logistics, accommodating various engine types without the need for specialized cases.

4. Rental Options Available

Recognizing the diverse needs of customers, rental options for the Bluebox Case are available. Whether for one-time shipments or recurring needs, this flexible arrangement ensures accessibility and affordability for all users. Each rental package includes the case and engine stand, providing a comprehensive solution for engine transportation.


In summary, the Bluebox Case represents a game-changing advancement in engine shipping solutions. By offering cost-efficient, versatile, and robust protection for Arriel and LTS 101 engines, it addresses the evolving needs of the aviation industry. With its innovative features and commitment to excellence, the Bluebox Case sets a new standard for safe and efficient engine transportation. Experience the difference today and elevate your shipping capabilities with the Bluebox Case.

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