AS350 Field Kit 350Y18-3001-01

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Our Airbus Helicopters AS350/H125 Field maintenance tool kit contains 4 separate layers of high density foam containing all of the essential tools required for performing maintenance in the field or in the hangar

Turbolyft kit PN: 350Y18-3001-01

Kit Contents:

LG Damper wrench: 350Y32-5080-00
Fuel filter bypass tool (airframe): 350Y94-5201-20
Fuel filter bypass tool (anti-ice): Y1741185
Drain Tool, Main Gearbox: 703Y95-0508-00
Drain Tool, Tail Gearbox: 703Y95-0505-01
Drain Tool, Hydraulic/Engine: 703Y95-0520-01
Accumulator Pressure Test kit: 355Y95-7500-00

Tail Rotor Drive Tool Kit
Tail Rotor Hub Locking Wrench: 350Y93-3302-02
Tail Rotor Hub Body Extractor: 350Y93-3303-02
Tail Rotor Hub Socket: 350Y93-3300-20
TR hub Bush Replacement Tool: 350Y93-3312-03
TGB Input socket: 350Y93-3305-20
TGB Seal Exchange/Support: 350Y93-3308-00
Driveshaft Thimble: 350Y93-3410-00

Hydraulic Pump Drive Tool kit: 350Y18-3003-25
Bearing Extractor: 350Y93-3500-00
Driven Pulley Extractor: 350Y93-3501-20

Main Rotor Tab Tool Kit: 703Y94-1130-01
Tab Tool Immobilizing Pliers: 703Y94-1130-10
Tab Deflection Pliers: 703Y94-1131-00

MGB Input Seal kit: 350Y18-3002-01
Seal Extractor: 350Y93-3202-00
Retaining Nut Socket: 350Y93-3200-20
Bushing Extractor: 350Y93-3201-00
Pre mod seal Installation Tool: 350Y93-3203-20
Post mod seal Installation Tool: 350Y93-3206-20
Post mod Lip Seal Sleeve: 350Y93-3206-21
Driveshaft wrench: 350Y93-3205-00

Main Rotor Rigging Kit: 350Y18-3003-10
Swashplate Rods 350: 350Y94-3700-10
7 Degree Taper 350: 350Y94-3701-00
Swashplate Jacks: 350Y94-3700-11
Rigging Guide: 350Y94-6700-01
Collective Rigging Pin: 350Y94-2706-11
Servo Rigging Pin: 350Y94-2706-10
Lever Rigging Pin: 350Y94-2706-12

Tail Rotor Rigging Kit: 350Y18-3003-20
Tail Rotor Hub Jamming tool: 350Y94-2708-01
Pedal Jamming Tool: 350Y94-2704-00



AS350 Dual Hydraulics (optional)

  • replace Swashplate Rods with PN:   355Y94-3745-01
  • Adds Dual Hydraulic servo Rigging Pin set


Tools tested on machines to confirm operation to end-user/operator.