Bluebox GPS Tracking, Available Now

Bluebox GPS Tracking, Available Now

We are very excited to debut our GPS/GSM Tracking Units.

This will allow all our Bluebox cases to be tracked GLOBALLY. Giving Helicopter Operators, MRO's, and Part Distributors a little more control of high-value equipment.

Features to keep your equipment safe and secure

Get realtime location updates on all of your equipment for your entire team. Tracking is so easy and you can instantly see where your assets are located. This improves safety and helps you optimize the scheduling use and efficiency of your equipment. View engine runtime hours as well as stops the equipment has made.

  •  Reliable, cost-effective equipment tracking.
  •  Full visibllity with an easy-to-use dashboard.
  •  Automatic notifications for unauthorized movement.

Realtime location reporting

See the current and past locations of your equipment.

Track number of hours stopped

Improve utilization by tracking the time assets are stopped.

Track unauthorized movement

Get alerts if your equipment is used in an unauthorized way.

Tracking dashboard for teams

Share the location tracking dashboard with team members.

One ping a day

At one location report per day, the Asset Tracker 3 will last 5 years on a single battery.  You can easily increase the reporting frequency to 2, 3, or 4 times per day with a corresponding reduction in battery life.  That’s ideal for tracking high value assets in the field for years at a time.



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