H125-H130 Crash Resistant Fuel System

H125-H130 Crash Resistant Fuel System

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Airbus has released this in May on Fuel Tank Conversions. Anyone that is interested.

17 May 2019

From beginning 2019, Airbus Helicopters is offering H125 Crash Resistant Fuel System (CRFS) retrofit solution at a reduced cost to all customers, and will credit the difference to any customer having already purchased an H125 CRFS retrofit kit from Airbus Helicopters at a higher price.


In parallel, Airbus Helicopters is extending its development to the AS350 B3 and EC130 B4 aircraft types, these new solutions should be available by early 2020 and can be ordered from now.


In addition, Airbus is offering an additional incentive in training credits to customers who retrofit their fleets with a third-party kit for the earlier H125 variants (B2 and prior).


This CRFS solution, compliant with the FAA/EASA FAR/CS § 27.952 specifications, except for operations with underbelly installation, allows to perform customer missions in the safest conditions by reducing the risk of post-crash fire and improving occupant survivability in case of an accident. Airbus Helicopters strongly recommends that operators retrofit their helicopters with CRFS and any other equipment offered to enhance the safety and reliability of the fleet.


For more information, please contact your Sales manager or contact us.

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